Gaming World:  Terra

GM:  Daniel Schreiber

Adventure:  The Sea Hunters

Session 1:

The party assembled at the Albatross in Farpoint, introduced themselves, and met the Captain’s daughter. Crossing the shifting mass of Farpoint, the party approached the skiff to take them to the Tempest, and was attacked at the water’s edge by two warriors, some sahuagin, and someone shooting lightning at the party. The attackers said they just wanted Ted’s cleric and the rest could go if they didn’t interfere.

The party killed the two warriors and the sahuagin, while the captains’s daughter watched from the skiff.

Session 2: MISSING

Session 3: MISSING

Session 4

After defeating the incongruous pirate ship and very very large air elemental in session 3, the party similarly confronted a galley of Reavers that approached them after the pirate encounter. The Reaver galley sailed into the space created by Control Water and was unable to respond beyond working on controlling the fires, smoke and other damage control. The Tempest sailed away to the southeast.

After skirting the peculiar current for some days, keeping it in their sights but keeping the ship out of its influence (it was going the opposite way!), they found a space where there was a swirl of diffuse currents before finding a current going north for some days.

The Captain anchored the Tempest and everyone prepared to depart. Aerial reconnaissance to the north revealed the Grand Canyon-like rift where their salvage would take place, a far-off ship or group of ships approaching from the east, and a surely “man”-made spire rising from the water to a point a couple of hundred feet above the water, with a large, dark arched opening and platform about 20 feet above the water. For some radius around the spire, the sea-floor was largely covered in rock formations that resembled the almost obliterated foundations of ruins.

Returning to the Tempest, the bird-form druid saw the Professor and Mary Ann rowing away to the north and east.

Session 5

Descending for days into the Sea Hunter’s rift, the party encountered Sea Ents, including ones far larger than seen before, and an absence of predators larger than forty pounds or so. 

After some days, the party began to encounter the wrecks of sailing vessels. At first sparse and quite ancient, they became more numerous and more recent as they proceeded.

Farther into the canyon-like rift they salvaged, at first, a few things from fairly old and rotten hulls, and later more of the cargoes as the ships became more recent and their cargoes better preserved.

Finally witnessing a pod of mer-apes and an attack on a fleet, the party filled their bags and indulged in some exploration. 

Finding a large structure resembling a spherical LAX but with a (now broken and damaged) transparent dome-like enclosure, the party entered to find large, mouldering piles of the trophies borne away by the mer-apes… and something else.

Carrying the sarcophagus back with their treasure, the bard read the many sigils, pictograms, diagrams covering its patinated bronze surface. In addition to the several non-lethal wards, they say: 1) Take Me Here*; 2) Great Reward will come to those that deliver me to my destination; and 3) Great Woe shall befall those that stand in the way of my delivery, or seek to harm or breach my vessel.

Sessions 6 & 7:

The party explored the Spire and entered the Maintenance Department. They interacted with customer service personnel who were friendly and tried to be helpful, but in the end, all they could offer was an odd gadget or two (an Orb and Walkers), and passage to the Conduit.

After hearing of their fellow’s experiences in the maintenance area, even the cleric and the mage could enter the area successfully, allowing the party to enter the Conduit.

Finding themselves more comfortable and better suited than ever in the water of the conduit, the party travelled many miles (several hours) to the east, eventually reaching the second and far larger rift. Encountering a rupture in the Conduit and a large air bubble containing both familiar and hideously strange creatures, the party advances. Eldritch terror to ensue.

Sessions 8:

The party fights a confusing fight with a group of Reavers and an (at least sometimes) illusory eldritch demon-foe.  The last three Reavers swim away, and the party enters a rope trick within their Orb due to ongoing attempts to charm the Druid.