Gaming World:  Terra

GM:  Daniel Schreiber

Adventure:  The Sea Hunters, Part 2

Session 1:

The adventurers arrive back in Farpoint and, after some meetings and messages, muster at the nameless bar where they met to embark on the journey a year or more ago. Because of the letters of credit and other magical tokens that the Captain gives them at the bank right next to the docks, the players are wealthy people, in the top one percent without question.

Intent on delivering the Sarcophagus, the party arranges for transportation to the main city of the Realm, Carsomonia. Once there, the party hangs out at the druid’s enclave while they look for items and consult experts in the Scholar’s Tower, the assembled knowledge of the Realm.

They learn that the Sarcophagus is a very unusual and alarming object because 1) It is made of materials and by processes that are unknown to them and 2) Linguistic evidence points to an earlier-than-previously-known precursor language for the tongue used by people of the realm in ancient times and 3) Sarcophagus!? Undead?! Hello!?

The address in tantalizingly close to being known, but the meaning of one glyph eludes them; the glyph is known to them, but the only useful clue is to seek the Oracle of Calaphractus, itself only referenced in the same journal as the glyph.

The party uses the Orb of Luthien in the rivers or canals heading toward the mountains. They soon arrive at the closest port on a navigable river to the place in the mountains where they think they can find the Oracle.

Session 2:

After flying to the Secret Path to find the Oracle of Calafractus, the party had several varying messages form the oracle telling them to seek the temple at the end of the road beneath the Mountains that starts near the Monastery of the Blue Thistle.

Covering the distance quickly by flying, the party reached an ancient structure housing the Monastery and made contact with the Prime Monk.

Though Sven fought valiantly in a Monk’s Challenge, he was defeated.

Session 3:

After saying their goodbyes to the monks and others at the monastery the party made its way up the rift valley, flying to avoid the hill giants below. After being separated from the party for some hours, the Druid rejoined them at the huge cave entrance and the party entered the cave.

Some distance in, the party heard approaching flying-insect-creature-mounted Duergar and caused them to crash. They then killed them.  

Session 4:

After killing the duergar and while examining their loot, the party hid to avoid an army of hundreds of goblin workers heading out to the surface-world at night. They then stayed in a rope-trick and identified the items.

Hours later, the goblin army (with a few hill giants) returned the way they came, bearing harvested trees and other plants, game animals and anything else they found during their foray.

The party continued down the road beneath the mountains until they found a large side-passage leading to a massive cavern illuminated by dozens of huge bonfires. Hundreds  (thousands?) of goblins worked like industrious ants while a few hill giants helped or watched.

The party set a trap for the goblin worker-army when they next went to the surface. Many goblins and several hill giants were killed in the ensuing chaotic fight, ending with only the whimpers of wounded goblins and the roar of the bonfires to be heard.

Session 5:

The party assumed a more stealthy mode of travel, and traversed the rest of the Underpass with little incident.

After thousands of miles, the party arrived at the end, where a dark, dirty lake separated it from stone walls with doors.

After escaping the clutches of a large, amorphous creature in the lake, the party encountered a few dozen cowed human and dwarf captives, and in another room, a group of technicians performing tests on humanoids and humanoid tissue samples. Nearby were cages holding dead and dying subjects.