Gaming World:  Aihrde

GM:  Jim Emrick

Adventure:  The Fancy Marauders

The story below is told from the perspective of the Monk, Chon-wein, who is filling in for the Bard....

Session 1:

Notes are illegible, possibly due to tears staining the manuscript

Session 2:

The party travels along the road...we let Dan's owl scout for us. Something is burning. Small cabin, still smoldering. Fairly new. Two humans' footprints are obvious-the residents that someone forced out.

More tracks are found. Four adult demi-human. Human bodies inside the cabin.

Party continues on to town. Simple wooden buildings. Night-time but quiet and dark. They tell us to move along, to the next town. Party moves on. Fire on a tower, rain. Soon we find a Church.

This is also dark and quiet. A bit fancier. Large, ornate church. 14 Story Bell Tower, with a small lantern.

Party invited inside. One brother is ill. They give us beds. Benjamin tells us about the murders.

2 townies, a soldier, 15 total. Cat like beast spotted. Towns are on their own since the Lord is old and frail.

We aren't allowed to explore so in the morning I lead a group therapy session for the grieving brothers.

We go to Lord Galveston. He offers gold and jewels. We go to Marlon's Tavern.
Meets Bailey, a female Ranger.

She joins us and shows us cat tracks. We follow trades to the lair. I enter.

Turns out this is a lion that escaped from a circus. But it is skinny and malnourished so Not the killer

It loves me and I call it Simba and it is my familiar.

Town is happy, thinks we caught the killer.

We, however, know we have failed.

Session 3:

Party knows there will be more killings.  Start to keep watch.

In the morning we return to town to discover the Lord'sKeep had been attacked.  We charge in to the rescue.

Kill 4 humanonids, then encounter the ungurns.

Kill them, get the reward, and we are now in Galveston's will.  Ticker-tape parade.

Land grant ceremony where we are given lands.

Next morning we are arrested for lying to the lord, the monster is still out there....

We investigate and the killer may be a golem.

The church has demonic image in the windows and gargoyles on the roof - very old....

Blood coming from demon image

Roof gas structures full of blood, 8 gargoyles.

Monk pushes some off the roof....

We kill them all